Friday, October 17, 2008

Books I Like..

Written & illustrated by Wallace Edwards

9 x 12 | 32 pages | Ages All | Kids Can Press Ltd. | Published in 2002 | ISBN 9781553373865

From the weird and wonderful imagination of an amazing new artist comes an alphabet book like no other. Kids will delight in discovering animals from A to Z living together in an old Victorian mansion. They’ll meet an elephant in the ballroom playing with a model train, an octopus hanging from the foyer chandelier — and even a zebra enjoying a soak in the bathtub!

Using watercolours and coloured pencils, Wallace Edwards has created a bizarre and luxurious world, rich in texture and detail. An engaging mix of art and alphabet book, Alphabeasts provides the basis for hours of animated discussion and quiet contemplation.

Written & illustrated by Scott E. Franson

8.75 x 8 | 40 pages | Ages 4-8 | Roaring Brook Press | Published in 2007 | ISBN 9781596431799

A little girl opens an umbrella on a snowy day--and the sun shines out from inside and flowers spring from the frozen ground! Jump ahead to spring, where the magical un-brella provides snow for snow angels and sledding across the green grass.

Little Pea
Written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal | Illustrated by Jen Corace

8 x 8 | 36 pages | Ages 3 and up | Chronicle Books | Published in 2005 | ISBN 9780811846585

If Little Pea doesn't eat all of his sweets, there will be no vegetables for dessert. Children who have trouble swallowing their veggies will love the way this picture book serves up a playful story they can relate to.

Kitty's Cuddles
Written & illustrated by Jane Cabrera

8.5 x 10.25 | 32 pages | Ages 2-5 | Holiday House | Published in 2007 | ISBN 9780823420667

Cat tries out hugs from different animals but finds he likes the hug from his baby brother best of all.

Suki's Kimono
Written by Chieri Uegaki | Illustrated by St├ęphane Jorisch

8 x 10.875 | 32 pages | Ages 4-8 | Kids Can Press Ltd. | Published in 2003 | ISBN 9781553370840

Suki’s favorite possession is her blue cotton kimono. A gift from her oba-chan, it holds special memories of her grandmother’s visit last summer. And Suki is going to wear it on her first day back to school — no matter what anyone says.

When it’s Suki’s turn to share with her classmates what she did during the summer, she tells them about the street festival she attended with her oba-chan and the circle dance that they took part in. In fact, she gets so carried away reminiscing that she’s soon humming the music and dancing away, much to the delight of her entire class!

Filled with gentle enthusiasm and a touch of whimsy, Suki’s Kimono is the joyful story of a little girl whose spirit leads her to march — and dance — to her own drumbeat.

Posey Prefers Pink
Written by Harriet Ziefert | Illustrated by Yukiko Kido

7.5 x 8 | 32 pages | Ages 4-8 | Blue Apple Books | Published in 2008 | ISBN 9781934706046

Meet Posey. She wears pink clothes, has a pink room, rides a pink bike, and prefers pink desserts. Everything in her pink world is just the way she likes it . . . but what if another color catches her eye? With adorable anime-like illustrations from Yukiko Kido, this book is sure to strike a chord with opinionated little girls and their parents.

Bad Kitty
Written & illustrated by Nick Bruel

8.5 x 11 | 40 pages | Ages 9-12 | Roaring Brook Press | Published in 2007 | ISBN 781596432994

The book teaches children who are about to go to kindergarten their alphabet in a most creative and humorous way. Not only can they learn their letters but they can learn to read in a funny way. The pictures depict the words perfectly.

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