Saturday, October 18, 2008

Books I Like Too..

Rosie and Buttercup
Written by Chieri Uegaki Illustrated by Stéphane Jorisch

9.325 x 8 32 pages Ages 3-7 Kids Can Press Ltd. Published in 2008 ISBN 9781553379973

“I don't want a baby sister.”
Does Rosie really mean it? Her baby sister, Buttercup, has been a bit of a handful lately. She won't leave Rosie alone, she cries at opera-singer level and whistles when she sleeps.

Before Buttercup came along, Rosie's life was blessed. Her schedule was filled with dance and voice lessons. Best of all, she didn't have to share her pet crickets, Eenie and Meenie, with anybody.

Things get so bad that Rosie decides to give her little sister away — to a good home, of course. But as she says goodbye to Buttercup forever, Rosie can't ignore a squeezy feeling in her chest …

From the perfectly paired creative team who brought you the bestselling Suki's Kimono comes a touching picture book about two sisters.

It's Not Fair!
Written by Anita Harper Illustrated by Mary McQuillan

10.25 x 7.75 32 pages Ages 2-5 Holiday House Published in 2007 ISBN 9780823420940

Putting up with a new baby brother is not fair! Mom and Dad do everything for him, while older sister has to manage by herself! But could it be that sometimes being older isn't so bad? A big sister begins to see the ups as well as the downs of having a new sibling.

Other Books I Like..

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